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Indoctrination in Common Core ELA Texts

Here is a look at a Common Core aligned English textbook from Utah. This text book was approved to be used in Utah.

ELA – English Language Arts – is the aspect of Common Core that MN has officially signed on to.


Your Children’s Privacy is Under Attack in Minnesota- And you don’t have to give any approval

Lakeville School Board member raises privacy questions over Minnesota Student Survey

Your Children’s and Families Privacy Is Under Attack, and You Are Responsible to Opt Out

<from the article:

Volk: Passive parental consent violated district policy

Lakeville School Board Member Michelle Volk vowed to alert parents and lawmakers about the 2013 Minnesota Student Survey questions school staff said underwent “major revisions” and Volk said pervasively invade family privacy.

She raised concerns about how the Lakeville Area School District obtained parent consent for students given the survey last year, which she noted violates district policy.