Shakopee High School to Hold Graduation Ceremony

Shakopee School District

Shakopee High School to Hold Graduation Ceremony

Many thanks to parents who sent information to MACC regarding Shakopee High School.  The ceremony will be held outdoors on Saturday, July 25th at 4:00 pm.  If inclement weather prohibits the event, the ceremony is rescheduled to Sunday, July 26 at 4:00 pm.

Under Covid-19 guidelines students will follow social distancing and guests will be very limited. More details are expected closer to the event.

Way to go, Shakopee! Graduates and families are very happy to celebrate this rite of passage.






Lakefield MN Resolves To Restore a Constitutional and Business-Friendly Community

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Lakefield (MN) Resolves to Restore a Constitutional and Business-Friendly Community

With only 18 cases and 0 deaths, Lakefield has decided that it’s time to allow their own citizens to make their own healthcare choices while opening business safely.  Please read the well-written resolution below from the Lakefield Standard.

“City takes stand against governor’s orders

By Justin Lessman | on May 04, 2020

The Lakefield City Council has taken a stand against Gov. Tim Walz’s stay-at-home order and temporary closure of bars, restaurants and other places of public accommodation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and has pledged to not direct any city resources to enforcing them.
The council on Monday passed a resolution affirming the city as a “constitutional and business-friendly community” on a 3-2 vote following a lengthy and sometimes heated discussion.”

Read the full text of the resolution below:

Lakefield Constitutional and Business Friendly Community

City takes stand against governor’s orders

9 Ways Schools Will Look Different

9 Ways Schools will Look Different
9 Ways Schools Will Look Different
NPR describes what schools will look like based on teacher union and tech company input. Hygiene, small classes led the list. But if you haven’t been reading information coming out of the Big Tech/Big Data websites, you might be missing the huge amount of control that they will have over us when we do reopen. It’s a staggering loos of freedom!
(More on this soon.)
Note: “Every expert NPR spoke with predicted that the need for remote learning would continue because of staggered schedules, schools prepared to close again for future waves of infection…” “future waves of infection” “many students need remediation” “teachers [newly] trained” “equipment for children”
The next paragraph uses the term equity and as many on the Left and Right and in between are increasingly pointing out, the technocracy is not for equity but for equitable enslavement.
There is a whole agenda here based on digital citizenship, digital human capital, digital people. Data is not the representation of people. Data is US within a digital world. Once we have digital wearables, implantables we become apart of the digital world more and more. Reality will not be based on the world we know; it will all be digital and easily surveilled.
Digital badges, digital certificates, digital health certificates, testing, testing, testing, tracing all your contacts, drugs, vaccines, vaccines with nanoparticles (straight from Gates’ mouth) and digital worlds. What goes into your data profile if you test positive? negative?
MACC called this year’s ago and that’s why for some years our primary focus was stopping the data flow which is a control mechanism for the workforce pipeline and the new digital identities. If you’re interested in an article, white paper or conference speakers on any of the above topics, let us know!

HF 116 School Boards to have Sole Authority to Renew Expiring Referendums

School Board

HF 116 School Boards to have Sole Authority to Renew Expiring Referendums

According to HF 116 expiring referendums may be renewed by school district authority alone thereby removing local taxpayer authority.  In each subdivision sector voter approval is not a necessity.

This bills makes clear the importance of School Board members who understand their role as servants of the community.  Now more than ever, School Board members must choose to engage the public should this kind of policy pass.

HF 116 is authored by Representative Freiberg. Co-authors include L Carlson, Bernardy, Lillie, Davnie, Youakim, Elkins, Bierman, Beccker-Finn. This bill has been advancing committee to committee.

The companion bill, SF 109 is authored by Senator Rest. Co-authors include Wiger, Isaacson and Latz. The Senate bill is not moving at this point.

If this bill concerns you, call your representative and senator. Call them today and call them often! We advocate having their phone and email contacts ready to go this session.

HF 116

A bill for an act
relating to education; authorizing school districts to renew expiring referendums
by action of school board; amending Minnesota Statutes 2018, section 126C.17,
by adding a subdivision.


Section 1.

Minnesota Statutes 2018, section 126C.17, is amended by adding a subdivision
to read:

Subd. 9b.

Renewal by school board.

(a) Notwithstanding the election requirements of
subdivision 9, a school board may renew an expiring referendum by board action if:

(1) the per-pupil amount of the referendum is the same as the amount expiring, or for
an expiring referendum that was adjusted annually by the rate of inflation, the same as the
per-pupil amount of the expiring referendum, adjusted annually for inflation in the same
manner as if the expiring referendum had continued;

(2) the term of the renewed referendum is no longer than the initial term approved by
the voters; and

(3) the school board has adopted a written resolution authorizing the renewal after holding
a meeting and allowing public testimony on the proposed renewal.

(b) The resolution must be adopted by the school board by June 15 of any calendar year
and becomes effective 60 days after its adoption.

(c) A referendum expires in the last fiscal year in which the referendum generates revenue
for the school district. A school board may renew an expiring referendum under this
subdivision not more than two fiscal years before the referendum expires.

(d) A district renewing an expiring referendum under this subdivision must submit a
copy of the adopted resolution to the commissioner and to the county auditor no later than
September 1 of the calendar year in which the levy is certified.


This section is effective July 1, 2019.

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