Parent/Teacher Corner

The most common question we hear is, “What can I do?”

The answer is simple, educate yourself on Common Core and help educate others.

  • Sign the petition!
  • The Facts page is filled with information about Common Core to help with your research.
  • You can also join us on Facebook.
  • Subscribe to this site to stay on top of what is happening here in MN and across the country.
  • Every page on this site has the ability to post anonymous comments (Teachers, Parents, School Administrators, etc), only spammers will not be permitted to post.
  • Join us, the simple truth is, the only way we will put an end to Common Core is if we stand up together. Contact us today, we’d love to have you join our growing movement!
  • Read and call your representatives and let them know you support H.R. 2089 (bill is only 4 pages!)

Looking to get more involved?

This growing group of concerned citizens is would love to have you join us. We have a lot to do, contact us (see the form below) if you have an interest in getting involved.

  • Top needs:
    Social Media

Links to state government officials and education contacts.

Contact your representatives today and let them know what you think of Common Core.

Here’s a great calling script/talking points for when you get in touch with/in front of your representatives!

Minnesota Education Committees

Minnesota Senate Education Committee E-12 Division,d.aWc

Minnesota Senate Education Policy Committee

Minnesota Senate Higher Education and Workforce Development Committee

Minnesota House Education Finance Committee

Minnesota House Education Policy Committee

Minnesota Early Childhood and Youth Development Committee

Minnesota House Standing Committee Schedule for 2013-2014

Click to access 11comgrid.pdf stand and join us!

Connect with others who are concerned about Common Core…

Help protect your family.

Get the word out!

  • Organize a gathering of concerned family, friends and community members. We can help facilitate the conversation or provide you with the information you need to help educate those around you about Common Core.
  • Have your friends, family, teachers, schools, public officials join us, contact us, tweet us, etc.

Remember, if you do nothing…you are still doing something…

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