Top 5 Facts

Top 5 Facts about Common Core

  1. National student database – over 400+ data points collected, including child’s medical history and parent’s political and religious affiliations.
  2. Federally mandated – no local or parental control
  3. Curriculum not written nor approved by educators:
    1. English classic literature is greatly diminished;
    2. Math skills delayed by 2 years;
    3. Untested (no field test) curriculum;
    4. More testing, high-stakes tests, including biofeedback
  4. Local tax dollars will have to pay the bill:  Approximately 13.7 million for the state of Minnesota
  5. Brought in by the 2009 Stimulus Package through RTTT funding.  Common Core was not reviewed nor voted on by Congress or State Legislatures.

U.S. Department of Education

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