More Opt Out Problems in Marietta, GA

High Functioning Autistic Child Tested Against Wishes of Parents

Yesterday, we reported that a family in Georgia had been escorted out of their school by police when they had exercised their parental rights to refuse standardized testing.  Those parents had concerns over data collection and data mining of their children’s information.  Additionally, they never had opportunity to voice their approval/disapproval of this radical educational reform system, known as Common Core Standards.

Numerous parent calls were made to the principal and superintendent in support of that family.  The Finneys did look into filing a lawsuit but it appears the school is backing down and coming to their senses.

Now it comes to light, that In another part of the same school district, other parents had properly written opt out notifications to their principals.  Irregardless, they were tested completely against the wishes of the parents.  The story below is about a child with high functioning autism.

In this case, the actions of the Marietta school district show a disdain for the rule of law and for the very people that they serve.  The following series of electronic communications clearly shows a disturbing administrative viewpoint and trend among numerous school in our country.  The parents stood their ground and cited both state and federal law.   Know your state and federal laws!

Stop Common Core in Plymouth!


Stop Common Core in Plymouth!!!  Tues., March 11, 2014

Which Plymouth schools are teaching the Common Core curriculum?  All of the schools in the Robbinsdale , Wayzata, Hopkins and Minnetonka districts are using Common Core textbooks.  Even a number of private schools are teaching Common Core!  But isn’t Common Core more than a standard and curriculum?  Doesn’t it have to do with standardized testing, surveys, data collection and data mining and on and on…?

Want to know more?  Come and learn how Common Core affects public, private and homeschooling at the Plymouth Covenant Church, 4300 Vicksburg Lane, Plymouth, MN   55446 on Tuesday, March 11th.   The power point presentation will begin at 7:00pm and is free.

Look forward to seeing you!

Minnesota Advocates and Champions for Children Mission

Little Girl in ClassroomOur mission is to inform the people of Minnesota about the federal education initiative, known as Common Core State Standards. Our task is to provide educational support through town hall meetings as well as assistance to school boards and legislative bodies. Our goal is to fully repeal Common Core State Standards and No Child Left Behind in Minnesota, through our grassroots call to action.

Yes, CCSS is in Minnesota!


Your Kids

As that erie famous saying goes….”They’re Heeeerrrrrreee”, so is Common Core, regardless of what some other “official” sites may state. Common Core Language Arts was approved by Pawlenty in 2009 through the stimulus. Minnesota said yes to Common Core English Language Arts , if you have a child that attends a public, private or charter school for that matter and you’re wondering if they’ve implemented Common Core, simply give them a call and ask.

Interestingly enough, they will tell you…only the language arts portion. However, if your child’s school has rolled out STEM, you should know that the makers of STEM have partnered with Common Core to align their curriculum to the new standards and all that goes with it.
More to come!